About Us

Our pet crematorium was set up in 1987 by pet lover and international dog judge Ann Ingram. It was such an unusual event at the time that it even made the front page of the Irish Times! View PDF

In 2001 Ann joined forces with Andrew Byrne veterinary surgeon and Irish Pet Crematorium was established. We partner with veterinary practices and work closely with them to provide pet owners with a locally delivered pet cremation service.

Today the pet crematorium is part of the SRCL family of companies but we remain on the same location as a dedicated pet only pet crematorium. We continue to work with veterinary practices to provide the dignity, respect and understanding to pet owners and their pets. Read more about our service

Our individual pet cremations are undertaken with a single pet alone with in a dedicated individual chamber. This process enables us to guarantee that the ashes returned to the owner are those of their specific pet.

We also work closely with quality casket manufacturers to ensure that whatever casket is chosen by a pet owner that it will reflect the respect and dignity expected by them for their pet. Whether you want to bury the ashes, scatter them is a chosen location, or to keep them close by, our range of casket options is the largest in Ireland.