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Pet Loss on TV3

Robert Kelly of Irish Pet Crematorium discusses pet loss on TV3

Pet Loss on Newstalk

Listen to Robert Kelly of Irish Pet Crematorium discussing pet loss on Newstalk Radio... listen.

Irish Pet Crematorium assist Grandmother

Peggy Mangan (65) was a loving Grandmother with Alzheimer’s who on September 24th 2013 went for a walk with her dog and never returned. Over 150 people volunteered to search for Peggy but unfortunately she was found dead four days later. When she was discovered her faithful dog “Casper” was found standing beside her. Despite being brought directly to a vet Casper died very shortly after.

The Mangan family contacted us directly seeking to have Casper cremated. We arranged to collect Casper, cremate him & return his ashes directly to the family in time for Peggy’s funeral. We also told the family that we were touched by Casper’s loyalty and would do everything in our power to ease their burden.

On 17 October 2013 the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk radio interviewed Peggy’s daughters Louise & Orla. During the interview they mentioned that Casper was cremated and thank our Leona for her help and that it meant a lot to them.

The attached mp3 is of some excerpts from the interview which I had clipped together on Casper and the cremation. In the actual interview these sections did not run one into the other. The full interview is longer. Our thanks to The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk 106 – 108fm for the audio.

Listen to an excerpt from the show

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