large caged fused ballLarge Caged Fused Ball

Glass cremation jewelry is a personal and creative way to keep a lost pet close to your heart. Wear it around your neck, keep it by your bedside, or display it in a keepsake box.

Using just a small piece of your pet's cremated remains, a beautiful unique piece of glass jewelry can be created just for you.

Each piece is completely unique and multiple ashes (remains of two or more animals) can also be used together if you wish.

Your loving pet's ashes are fused into a ball or bauble shaped glass piece and wrapped in this sterling silver flat-wire cage design. The ashes will appear almost cloudlike.

Colour can be introduced if you wish. Colours available are red, blue and green.

The €15 courier charge applies to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland only. For customers from Scotland, England or Wales please contact us for a quotation.

Price: €307.50