Serenity Urn

asketpottery urn

A beautiful and stylish contemporary porcelain pet ashes urn... read more

Brass Urn

brass urn

The lid screws closed and is decorated with paw prints... read more

Journey Earthurn

journey earthurn

Journey Earthurns float briefly in water, then sink... read more

Onyx Tribute Urn

onyx tribute urn

The Onyx Tribute Urn is turned from natural onyx in a lovely, tactile domed shape and has a highly polished finish... read more

Handcrafted Glass Urns

hand crafted glass urns

The glass is blown and freehand formed into something special by a master glass blower.... read more

Highdown Urns

highdown urn

The HighDown Urn was created in response to the desire for an urn which can be easily located and relocated with the family.... read more