How to Avail of Our PET CREMATION Service

Some pet owners talk to us directly for referral to a local vet, while others prefer to talk to their local vet about the options that are available before their pet passes away. Unfortunately some pet owners don’t get the time to prepare. Either way whether you contact us directly or you ask one of our partner veterinary practices we will be happy to advise you on individual cremation.

Many pet owners tell us what they intend to do with the ashes. Broadly speaking they can be broken down into three main areas:

  1. Those that wish to scatter the ashes in a meaningful location.
  2. Those that have decided to bury them on their own or with other family pets or even with their owner.
  3. Those that wish to keep the ashes close to them.

The Process

Whatever your choice, when the time comes you should get in touch with one of our partner veterinary practices to arrange a cremation. All involved are experienced in dealing with pet loss and are frequently delighted when owners compliment staff on the understanding and compassion that was given to them. Our partner veterinary practices have handout leaflets on the cremation service we offer.

When you have chosen the service and casket that suits you best you can leave your pet with the veterinary practice. Once you have entrusted your pet with our partner veterinary practice they get in contact with us.

Before we arrive the practice completes a uniquely numbered docket that travels with your pet all the way through the cremation process. Each pet for individual cremation is cremated alone in a dedicated chamber.

Once the cremation process is completed the ashes are placed into the appropriate casket and are returned to your veterinary practice. A copy of the uniquely numbered docket is signed by the practice to confirm the receipt of those specific ashes.

Once the ashes have been returned to the practice the staff there will contact you to arrange a mutually suitable time for you to collect them.